Direct TV DRE System

direct tv dre system

The DRE, or DirecTV Residential Encounter, is a high-def system that mimics the at-home experience the most. Your guests or residents can access the whole programming bundle you choose. That translates to 100+ HD channels. Your customers will enjoy an improved interactive programme guide, the complete residential programming roster, and the first anti-microbial remote created mainly for the lodging and hospitality industry by DIRECTV.

Not only is this approach easier for guests or residents to obtain the channels they want and are used to watching at home, but it is also less expensive for smaller properties. Each TV has a receiver, allowing you to utilize any HDTV. However, we always prefer hospitality-grade TVs. You do not need to purchase unique Pro-Idiom TVs. Thus, compatible TVs can be found virtually anywhere.

Yes, each TV will require a receiver, but this provides visitors or tenants access to hundreds of HDTV channels, residential access to the actual guide, and parental controls. The current DRE receivers are H25 receivers having special hospitality firmware. Because it is smaller than prior receivers, it may be fitted more discreetly than other model recipients. This system also includes a more straightforward, anti-microbial remote specifically for hospitality businesses.

A site survey is required to verify if your property qualifies for this system and to ensure that you obtain the optimal setup for your location. We employ a standardized installation approach that prevents professional confusion and gives you, the property owner, peace of mind.




Are you curious and want to learn more about your hotel or facility? Call us at 877-999-7668, and our team will assist you in determining whether DRE is the best option for you and your guests/residents.

DIRECTV Residential Experience (DRE)
  • The complete DIRECTV programming selection and ease-of-use they have at home… 100+ HD Channels, including HBO, ESPN, and more…
  • – up to ten times the number of HD channels your visitors wish to watch.
  • A new, streamlined remote with an anti-microbial, germ-resistant cover; and co-branded access to the actual guide.

100% Financing – Equipment and Installation
  • There is no need for Pro-Idiom encryption or MPEG-4 HD hotel TVs.
  • FREE Remote Controls and Receivers
  • Set-top boxes that are small and easy to conceal (1.12′′ H x 8.66′′ L x 5.75′′ D).
  • Remote access to and total control of in-room receivers via the Management Server Personalized or group messages
  • PMS integration with the majority of systems
  • You may get a FREE NFL Sunday ticket for your bar or restaurant this season.

DIRECTV has announced the addition of HD DVRs to their groundbreaking Residential Experience for Hotels (DIRECTV DRE) (digital video recorders). This is an outstanding luxury feature for suites or long-term hotel stays. Install DVRs in one or more rooms on your property.

Pause, rewind, and record live television shows from over 100 HD channels!

Your hotel guests will be able to enjoy entertainment in your hotel that is even more similar to their DIRECTV experience at home. The programming guide includes up to fifty pages of interactive hotel material.

The DIRECTV Home Experience for Hotels will now offer local content insertion and DVR capability. Customize your hotel’s in-room television experience by seamlessly integrating up to 50 pages of your content into the DIRECTV channel guide, an improved HD programming guide – the same one guests see at home – that is faster, smarter, easier-to-use, and can also be co-branded with your hotel.


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