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What is Rcopia?



Rcopia® is e-prescribing software that has won numerous awards. The Rcopia e-prescribing system, constructed on our expertise and delivering more than 100 million medication transactions, ushers in a new phase of medication historical data access, legend drug and banned substance e-prescribing (EPCS), as well as patient medication adherence assistance for computer and our smartphone e-prescribing app.
Rcopia (web dr first) is a web-based e-prescribing technology designed to assist healthcare businesses in managing patient medication backgrounds and streamlining data analytics to enable medication decisions.
Controlled E-Prescribing Software.

Legendary Drugs

The best e-prescribe technology on the market includes electronic prescribing of prescription drugs and decision support. It also works with DrFirst’s EPCSGold subsystem for the electronically prescribed medication of controlled drugs to create a single workflow for all prescription writing needs.

Forecasting (analytics)

Rcopia e-prescribing software, powered by DrFirst’s SmartSuite data analysis technology, “learns” your e-prescribing patterns to enhance medication decisions with few clicks, cleaner signature instructions, and less need for rear pharmacy clarifications.

Past Medical Experience

Rcopia e-prescribing includes the industry’s most comprehensive digital patient medication record data feed, which is meant to provide 2 years of patient prescription history in seconds. It dramatically improves patient safety by streamlining provider medication reconciliation processes.

Clinical Warnings

Rcopia e-prescribing system includes drug-drug interactions, drug allergies, dosage and duplication therapy warnings, patient-specific formulary recommendations, and provider-specific drug preferences capabilities to make prescribing safer for patients and more efficient for you.

Psychological Assistance & Drug Adherence

The Rcopia Patient Advisor toolbar alerts you to patients at risk of noncompliance and provides tools to promote compliance, such as diagnosis-specific educational services, financial savings possibilities, and behavior welfare services for your patients.


From inside your e-prescribing workflow, initiate, submit, and finalize prior authorizations digitally, and react to prior authorizations initiated by pharmacies after just a claim rejection in real-time, bypassing the typical paper/fax/phone-based prior authorization workflow.

Real-Time Prescription Medication Benefits

View alternative prescription therapy for consideration, receive assistance on other pharmacy options, & clearly understand the projected patient out-of-pocket expenses for each option, all in real-time at the point of service.


Rcopia’s new look and feel have a modern, simple design for improved readability, quicker usability, and visual appeal. Rcopia’s modular widget structure behind the screen enables maximum flexibility in customizing the show and your ability to alter shades, fonts, material layout, frequency, and more to enhance productivity.


Rcopia keeps all of the services and features that helped it become the gold standard electronic prescription system over the past fifteen years:

  • Split medications
  • Reinstatement applications
  • Integrations of specialized APIs
  • the integration of EHR software
  • Live Support that is available 24/7 and Has Won Awards

DrFirst competitors

Cureatr,  ScriptPro,  Hanger, and Direct Medics are some examples of companies that compete with and are similar to DrFirst.

Cureatr is a startup that provides solutions for drug management. It offers Pain Killers 360°, a service that gives telepharmacists access to pharmaceutical data for interventions. Additionally, the organization focuses on integrated care communication, messaging, post-discharge medication reconciliation services, etc.

ScriptPro is a firm that develops automation and administration system tools for pharmacies. It provides solutions for third-party management, clinical documentation and care coordination, inventory control, adherence to medication, interactive voice response, and telepharmacy. In addition to health messaging services, the company offers a pharmacy services site, a pharmaceutical database, and pharmacy administration.

James Edward Hanger

Hanger, Inc. provides orthopaedic and prosthetic (O&P) patient safety and distributes orthotic and prosthetics (O&P) products and rehabilitative treatments to the larger market. With over 750 facilities, the patient care business of Hanger is the largest owner and operator of O&P patient care clinics. Hanger offers products and services through its Services and Products section.

Doctors, nurses, and care staff in the public and private sectors can apply for acute care, primary care, and mental health roles spanning all grades and specialties. The company’s strategy is straightforward and centered on establishing positive, long-term partnerships with candidates, from enrollment to aftercare.


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